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Welcome to the Official YPRA Website



The Yarmouth Police Relief Association, Inc. is the charitable arm of the Yarmouth, Massachusetts Police Department.  It’s membership is comprised of active duty and retired sworn and civilian employees for the department. 


Founded in 1932, the YPRA was originally conceived to provide for officers injured in the line of duty at a time when no other safety net existed.  Today the YPRA supports a wide variety of community needs and activities through our many fundraising efforts.



2017 YPRA Scholarship Awards

Scholarships are presented by Nick Pasquarosa, Yarmouth Police School Resource Officer at D-Y


Presented at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School Awards Night Awards Night for the Class of 2017.


A $1,000 scholarship was awarded to a great kid, Niamh Delaney. We say thanks to Niamh and the Delany family for their ongoing generosity and support of the Yarmouth Police Relief Association, D-Y High School and the community. The Delaney’s host the YPD 5K Run for a Reason Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House. The Run for a reason is a fund raining event that helps us recharge our scholarship account. It’s nice to send a little love back there way.


Memorial Scholarships

 The criteria for the YPRA memorial scholarships are as follows. Student must be:

        A D-Y High School student in good standing

        A resident of Yarmouth,

        Attending a college or university as a Criminal Justice major and,

        Pursuing a career in law enforcement

        The student must be unaffiliated with the YPRA


- Thomas Minckler Memorial Scholarship $2,000

 Tom Minckler was a Pioneer Police K-9 handler. He was a national champion competitor in that discipline. Tom was also a former D-Y track coach. Disease ended his career early and took him before his time.


-Sergeant Thomas E. Robinson Memorial Scholarship $2,000

 Tom “Robbie” Robinson was a former juvenile officer. For most of his career he was a beloved patrol supervisor. Cancer took him in his thirtieth year of service to the Yarmouth Police Department and Town of Yarmouth.


-Cpl. Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Scholarship $1,000

Nick Xiarhos was a Member of the Yarmouth Police family. He graduated from D-Y Class of 2006 having enlisted in the United States Marine Corps prior to graduation. Corporal Xiarhos was killed in Action 2009 serving with the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan. It was Nicks plan to become a police officer at the end of his enlistment. A plan unfulfilled.


The Thomas Minckler scholarship goes to a student that served at the Yarmouth Police Department for as a D-Y Worked Based Learning intern for two solid years, preforming at an outstanding level throughout her tenure. She is the youngest graduate of our Citizen Police Academy and created her own a volunteer staff position which she served in for three years; rising to become a guest speaker during her last session and rabidly availed herself of every program the Yarmouth Police had to offer during her time with us.


The Thomas E. Robinson Scholarship goes to a student who helped to found the Dennis-Yarmouth Police Explorers and eventually became its leader. She logged 700 volunteer hours with or through the Yarmouth Police Department and the Yarmouth-Dennis Community Emergency Response Team, having worked the Regional Emergency Shelter with CERT during the three days of Storm Juno until she was actually ordered her to go home.


The Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos Scholarship goes to a student whose relentless and faithful pursuit of a police career, huge heart, and special toughness makes her the most likely candidate to fulfill Nick’s dream that I we have ever handed the envelope to.


In this case all three brief descriptions are of the same person. There was insufficient time to present her whole resume. This outstanding young woman will take home the hat trick for the first and probably last time in YPRA history. She is the best investment the Yarmouth Police Relief Association has ever made in the Yarmouth Police Department from this (D-Y) podium.


All three scholarships go to future (we hope Yarmouth) police officer Melony Ellis.



A very excited YPRA Scholarship Recipient, Melony Ellis with

Yarmouth Police School Resource Officer Nick Pasquarosa



Yarmouth Police Department



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